Sunday, June 8, 2008


My wife picked this movie out at the library, knowing nothing about it, but thinking the DVD case looked interesting.

Turns out it's a movie produced by JJ Abrams (of 'Lost' fame), though I missed this in the opening of the movie so I didn't know it while watching the movie.

The opening scene is at a going away party for some guy, Rob Hawkins (the protagonist). It's shot (as is the whole movie) from a handheld video camera (or it's supposed to be). The opening scene drags on and on... and on.... and on. I actually got so bored I started reading a book that was laying near the couch. Finally, the action started. I thought the finally we'd get some normal cinematic shots, but no, the handheld camera theme continues on, Blairwitch Project style.

So the story is about some alien creature that lands in Manhattan. It starts wreaking havoc in the city, and then the military comes and the battle causes even more havoc. Rob Hawkins' friends wander around trying to figure out what to do. They die off or disappear one way or another. They wander around Manhattan trying to rescue Rob's main squeeze. In the end, everyone dies, and you're left wondering, "WTF was that about?"

You never find out anything about the monster like, what is it? where did it come from? what does it want? do they kill it? WTF happens?!?!?!?!?! They tried very hard to make you care about the characters, but I never did. I just wanted a building to fall on them to get them out of the story's way.

It was terribly disappointing because it seemed to have some great potential. A good and interesting premise and great special effects, and the actors were actually good as well, but the one person POV was a disaster. Especially because that one person knew nothing about what was going on.

Don't waste your time. I heard there's a sequel coming out, perhaps that will be better.

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