Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer Reading List

Finally organizing my reading list. Quite a challenge. In the sidebar you'll notice three sections below the picture: On My Desk, In the Q, and On the Shelf. On My Desk is what I'm currently reading/watching/listening to. In the Q is what I plan on reading/watching/listening to next. On the Shelf is what I've read/watched/listened to and am done with.

I wish there was a Blogger widget that allowed me to comment on the list items on the list itself. Like a review of each book or a listing of the articles-of-interest in periodicals. I know I can do it using the HTML widget, but I don't want to get into that. I guess I'll just create blog entries to comment.

Note that the Lit section will list books and magazine periodicals. I will list periodical issues, but not not individual articles. The list isn't totally comprehensive as I'll read articles here and there from other magazines, newspapers, and online sources.

I also realize that I'm sporadic about periodical readings. I have a dozen periodicals on my desk. Reason is that I go back and forth, never seeming to finish any one periodical till weeks later, when I've exhausted all the meaty articles and finally get down to the fluff. I need to change that habit and digest each issue immediately so I can shelve it and move on.

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